The incredible range and choice of paving right now is absolutely endless. The variety of colours, materials, both natural and man made, patterns and sizes makes choosing the right one for your home quite a difficult decision.
We can design and assist you with all your requirements. Whether you prefer precast concrete products or natural stone, including sandstone, marble or granite, or second hand red bricks, we can advise you of the best product to suit your home and budget.
Other considerations you have to think about when deciding on a finished look, is the style of pattern that appeals to you. There are so many styles available, some include:
Simple classic square set, crazy pattern paving, Ashlar; which is a modular style of squares and rectangles of various sizes, and the list goes on.
With our years of experience, you can rest assure in the knowledge that you would be receiving truly professional and quality workmanship. Our projects are built to last.